*Lovingly rips your face off*


*Lovingly horn charges you*


How is you this fine day~?

*Lovingly rips your face off*




Silent crunching of now beneath her feet was the only companion that Ramla currently had, as she trekked through the snowy tundra. She would never be able to get used to the cold weather, she was born in a desert, the entire opposite of this place! She let out a low growl as the female hunter readjusted her hammer over her shoulder. So much for finding the monster that had attacked and seriously injured another hunter.

That thing was probably long gone by now. Not like Brachidios were common in such frigid areas… at least from what she knew.

Ramla had to pause, letting herself fall into a sitting position as she took her Vagnis cap off and shook her head, letting her hair free. So much for getting the money to upgrade the rest of her stuff… As she began to hungrily gulp down a hot drink, a side effect of the armor she wore, noise tore her attention away from the liquid.

The female hunter  quickly stood, lifting her hammer over her shoulder and gripping it tightly. No thing was going to sneak up on her! The hunter lowered the bottom half of the hammer to the ground, somewhat exhausted from her long day out in the tundra. 

Oh… a moving mass of white in the distance, there weren’t many white monsters, and at the moment, she did not want to have to go against the ones that instantly came to mind.


Barioth had his head lowered to the ground as he walked, almost dragging it with defeated. It was only when a faint thud echoed through the valley did he lift his head. What he saw had his jaw almost dropping. It was- a person! A human! He couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen one since he’d left his village. His tail lifted from the ground and began to wag. Without much thought, he ran straight for person, too excited to really notice the hammer gripped tightly in one hand.

He was surprisingly fast considering all the days he’d been without food. Not to mention when he launched himself forward this time, he had managed to land right on the poor person. The wyvern used his large paws to almost trap the girl under him but was careful not to crush her. Whether his excitement had given him the strength to pounce and successfully trap the person, or perhaps because the female was actually tired from her journey, he’d finally managed to ‘catch’ something. But of course he had no intentions on eating her. No, that was the last thing on his mind.

 Happily, he nuzzled his head against hers. He wanted to be taken home, back where he belonged, among people. Barioth could hardly survive out in the tundra with his poor skills and lack of experience. The only reason he’d lasted so long was because he’d received unexpected help from other creatures who lived out in the tundra. The cat-like creature was sure that he was a special case. All he’d heard about the wilderness was terrifying stories of vicious monsters who would tare one a part easily. The last thing he expected was to find himself relying on said monsters. But now, he was sure he’d be able to go to a place better than this one. One filled with people and a warm fire.

necrobiologist: I didn't realize Monster Hunter RP blogs were a thing. How interesting!

 { AHHh, welp. I’ve had this account for two years I believe, but ended up ‘abandoning’ it for a while since there wasn’t many RP Monster Hunter blogs. Much less blogs for Monster Hunter in general.

I’m an RPer generally so I just thought it would be fun playing as one of my favorite creatures from the series since I do that with another series. I altered the story of the typical Monster Hunter with all the, HUNT ALL THE MONSTERS and made a tamed version of Barioth.

But enough about the RANTING AHH THANK YOU I’M GLAD YOU THINK SO! 0w0/ }

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